A broken doll and children’s shoes


This blog only contains 2 pictures. A picture of a broken doll and a picture of some children’s shoes. Both were called pictures of Auschwitz artifacts, now I know the description is not meant disrespectful and was meant with the best intention and perhaps it is the only way to describe them.

But the word artifact has several definitions below are 3 examples and none really get the essence of the objects in the pictures.

1.any object made by human beings, especially with a view to subsequent use.
2.a handmade object, as a tool, or the remains of one, as a shard of pottery, characteristic of an earlier time or cultural stage, especially such an object found at an archaeological excavation.
3.any mass-produced, usually inexpensive object reflecting contemporary society or popular culture

The doll and the shoes belonged to children, children who with a high probability were killed as soon as they arrived in Auschwitz.

These children had names, unknown to us, but nonetheless names.

They played with the e doll and wore the shoes like any other kid would have done. To only difference, they were born to a group of people who were considered,subhuman, in other words less then human by a warped ideology created by men who were pure evil,sick and twisted.

The doll and the shoes each have stories to tell, Stories of lives and loves that might have been and should have been, but were cut short.

Stories we may never hear but they are compelling even so, because looking at the doll it is broken, it signifies a broken life.

The shoes are not complete it signifies lives that were not allowed to develop and be brought to completion.

So they are not artifacts but stories, perhaps not to be heard but to be experienced in our own minds by remembering all the children that were brutally killed.



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