Milda Sykora- Researcher and scientist.


The picture above is a baby picture of Milda Sykora. A brilliant scientist and researcher. At a young age she had set herself the task to find out what triggered the unset of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had seen several people in her family suffer what the disease for which there is no cure.

Tirelessly she worked to find a cure or at least something that could lead to a cure, to ensure no one else had to suffer with this sometimes crippling disease.

She had dedicated her whole life to this task. And her work paid off, last week November 2, 2019 Milda Sykora, aged 80 and a team of young scientists at Tel Aviv University had a breakthrough they finally discovered what triggered Rheumatoid Arthritis and several other auto immune diseases.

Unfortunately nothing of the text above is true, the only thing that is correct is the name Milda Sykora and it is her baby picture. But Milda Sykora did not even live to see her 3rd birthday, she was brutally murdered on July 25, 1942 in Chełmno, 3 days before her 3rd birthday.

If we are not angry about the fact that this twisted ideology , devised by a failed Austrian artist and his delusional friends ,murdered an innocent child , we should be angry about the fact that this child was not allowed to grow up and become that brilliant scientist.

The reason why I chose Rheumatoid Arthritis is because it is a diseases that affects me. And it makes me angry that in those millions murdered for no reason whatsoever , at least one of them could have potentially found a cure.

I could have taken so many other diseases or ailments , and we probably all know someone who suffers with a condition for which there is no cure . Just imagine all the brilliant minds that were wiped out. Minds how would have contributed so much.

If you ever need a reason why remembering the Holocaust is still relevant today, this is it. God knows how far we were set back in the world of medicines just because some evil twisted sick minds thought they were superior, well in this so called ‘superiority’ they possible also destroyed a chance of a cure for people they loved.

Any life taken during the Holocaust can be potentially  multiplied by a great number of others who dies a horrible death caused by a disease which could have been cured by someone who dies in the Holocaust.

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