Pure evil- the murder of newborns


Below  is part of the evidence given by Sofia Wieslawa Maczka she was a  a Doctor of Medicine and an X-ray specialist. and an inmate at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. The evidence she gave was during one of the Ravensbrück trials  against Gerda Quernheim a Nurse at the camp.

This is a short but not an easy read but I do not apologize for that, too often do the  horrors committed by these criminals get sugar coated.

“The Germans would tolerate no new born children in the camp, anyway from the time that I arrived to the 31st Dec 1942, and to that date they were a 11 killed at birth. I personally saw Gerda Quernheim strangle one newly born child and generally presume that she has been responsible for the other deaths.

Fina Pautz was assistant to Quernheim. She was a German inmate of the camp and was presumed to be in the camp for Communist activities. When Quernheim strangled the child I have mentioned above, she handed it through the window to Fina Pautz who threw it into a bucket.”

Initially Quernheim was sentenced to death, but that was reduced to a life sentence and eventually she was released in 1961.


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