7.50 Guilders- The reward of betraying 1 Jew.

History of Sorts


The Henneike Column was a Group of more than 50 people, under the leadership of Willem Christiaan Heinrich Henneicke, which was specialised in hunting down Jews.


Jewish people that were trying to hide or were violating one of the many anti-Jewish regulations could fall in the hands of one of the members of this Column. The person who made the arrest and brought the prisoner to the SD or the police could receive a reward of Fl. 7,50 for each person, ‘head-money’.

It was part of the Zentralstelle für Jüdische Auswanderung, Abteilung Hausraterfassung. A department responsible for emptying the homes of the Jewish families after they were deported to the camps. The group started it’s work in march 1943 and was disbanded on 1st October 1943. During this period they were responsible for the arrest of about 8.500 people.

In March 1943 it was decided by the Germans that…

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