5000 bodies


One sign, 2 languages, 5000 bodies.

A sign that explains that a number of 5000 bodies are buried there. No individual graves with head stones. No individual places where family members leave small artifacts or flowers.

No place to gather around a single grave to say a prayer.

Some of those 5000 may have been complete families wiped out by the worst disease of all, hate. Hate because they were different, and yet they were not. They were the same human beings who experience sunlight  and rain in exactly the same way as anyone else.

They were killed by hate fueled by a sick and twisted political ideology.

The sign was posted in Bergen Belsen. The sad thing is that those 5000 were only 10% of all who were killed there. But even before they died there poor sanitary conditions, and not enough adequate food, water, and shelter which  led to an outbreak of  horrible diseases like typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery. Thousands died in the last few months of the camp. They were so near to liberation and yet they were so far.

So much potential destroyed, and why??

5000 nameless but not forgotten.


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