Remembering Jesaia Swart

The number of victims of the Holocaust is just so difficult to fathom. When you talk about millions it just becomes a number it is just something that our human mind can’t comprehend.

It is often better to remember those who were murdered, one by one. Today I am remembering Jesaia Swart. He was murdered today 80 years ago in Mauthausen.

He was the youngest child of Gabriel Swart and Sara Peper. He married Saartje Levitus, the eldest child of Heiman Levitus and Esther Kosses, on 4 August 1909. Jesaja and Saartje had ten children: Hijman, Nathan, Marcus, Margaretha, Izak Jacob, and five children who survived the war.
The family lived at several addresses in Amsterdam but lived at 43 Czaar Peterstraat from 1938 onward.

Jesaja Swart was arrested on 9 June 1942 and transferred to the concentration camp at Amersfoort via the house of detention on the Amstelveenseweg. After being tortured extensively, he was deported to Mauthausen, where he was murdered on October 14, 1942.

Born in Amsterdam, 15 February 1884. Reached the age of 58 years. Occupation: Rag peddler.


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