The first recorded aircraft hijack.


Although there had been aircraft hijacks going back to the 1920s none of those were recorded as such.

The first recorded aircraft hijack occurred on February 21,1931 in Arequipa,Peru.On that day, Captain Byron Rickards flew his Ford Tri-Motor aircraft from Lima to Arequipa where he was approached on landing by armed revolutionaries wanting the aircraft to distribute propaganda leaflets over the region. Rickards refused to move at all. He was held captive for 10 days and was only released when he agreed to fly one of the revolutionaries back to Lima.


Rickards also had also the dubious honor  to be the first Captain to be hijacked twice. On 3 August 1961, Leon Bearden and his son Cody entered the cockpit of Rickard’s Continental Airlines flight preparing to depart from El Paso and demanded to be taken to Cuba. The FBI shot the aircraft’s tyres and the hijackers surrendered.



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Former Torrance man becomes first person imprisoned for airplane hijacking

80 Years of Avsec: from Arequipa to Domodedovo

One teardrop


One teardrop roles down my face when I see your smile.

I don’t know why because I have never met you.

Yet I feel a profound sadness to know that this smile will never be seen again.

One tear roles down my face when I read you were murdered aged 4 or 5.

Then I realize yo were not the only one. 1.5 million children were murdered by the same ideology or rather idiocracy..

1.5 million tears roll down my face. One tear for each of the innocent lives destroyed by a regime that saw people like me-tall,blonde and blue eyed- as the perfect human being, and that makes me feel sick sometimes.

There are no perfect human beings, we all have our imperfections and that is what makes us unique individuals because none of the imperfections are he same. That uniqueness is our wealth and makes us all equal.

The closest to perfection are those 1.5 million children who were murdered.

Killed by evil idiots. But not in my name. I am one of those tall,blond blue eyed ‘Godlike’ humans that these idiots aspired to become like. The truth is we are the furthest away  of a divine creature you could possibly imagine.

You killed 1.5 million of the most divine creatures ever to roam the planet. Divine creatures like Zsuzsa Guttmann who was murdered in Auschwitz Birkenau in 1944.

But not in my name. Never in my name.

Frederik Goldsteen- Holocaust Victim , whose shop I often visited.

History of Sorts


I remember as a kid , my neighbor and I made our own bows and arrows, We used it to target practice on a spare door we had in the storage rooms in the basement of our apartment block.

We bought the materials for these ‘weapons’  in a shop in the center of our town,Geleen, in the Netherlands. It was a DIY shop, called Hubo, located on Annastraat 24.


Also later in life when I needed something DIY related I would frequent the establishment and would purchase what I required.

I can’t remember how often I went in there, it would not have been an awful lot because when it comes to DIY I am pretty much double left handed. But I would have been in there at least a few dozen times, and would have passed by the shop on a daily basis.

Never did I realize the fate…

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The Holocaust through the eyes of a child

History of Sorts


The Holocaust is often best described in the simplicity of the art and words of the children who were the victims. Below are some poems and drawings from children of the Holocaust.

The picture above is a painting by a child interred in Terezin camp during the Holocaust. She dreamed of seeing butterflies again.

At Terezín

When a new child comes
Everything seems strange to him.
What, on the ground I have to lie?
Eat black potatoes? No! Not I!
I’ve got to stay? It’s dirty here!
The floor- why, look, it’s dirt, I fear!
And I’m supposed to sleep on it?
I’ll get all dirty!

Here the sound of shouting, cries,
And oh, so many flies.
Everyone knows flies carry disease.
Oooh, something bit me! Wasn’t that a bedbug?
Here in Terezín, life is hell
and when I’ll go home again, I can’t yet tell.

“Teddy” 1943

Ella Liebermann…

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Making fun of Hitler-Mocking the Führer

History of Sorts

Capturefunny walkOne of the most effective weapons during WWII, and indeed nearly every war, was propaganda.

Where the Nazis mostly used their propaganda to incite fear and hate, the allies and especially the Brits sometimes adopted a different approach. They’d often used humour and satire in order to ridicule the Nazis and their beloved leader Hitler.

in August 1939  Toby O’Brien, an Anglo-Irish journalist  and publicist for the British Council at the time, wrote the song  “Hitler Has Only Got One Ball” Initially it was called  “Göring has only got one ball”, referring to Göring’s groin injury he suffered during the Beer Hall Putsch, the song also implied that Hitler had two small ones. In nearly all later versions, the positions were reversed.


The song was sung to the tune of “Colonel Bogey March” unfortunately I could not find any good versions of the song, but below are  the lyrics of…

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Sexy and Lethal-WWWII: Women of World War 2

History of Sorts

Simone Segouin, the 18 year old French Résistance fighter, 1944 (1)

I know the title is not PC, but it reflects the reality because these women were sexy. They would give any man a run for their money. They were not to be messed with and they were lethal. Either as part of the resistance or armed forces they were a force to be reckoned with.

Honoring the women who fought and often gave their lives so that we now all enjoy our freedom.

The picture above is of Simone Segouin, also known by her nom de guerre Nicole Minet. When this photo was taken she was 18 years old. The girl had killed two Germans in the Paris fighting two days previously and also had assisted in capturing 25 German prisoners of war during the fall of Chartres. In 1944, at the height of the Nazi occupation of France, she joined the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans (Free-shooters and Partisans, or FTP) –…

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Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.

History of Sorts

Alfred 2

If someone told you that you could kill an innocent man and there would be no repercussions or any form of punishment, would you do it?

Any normal person would answer “no” of course.But not Alfred-Ingemar Berndt, he decided to kill a man simply for the reason that he could.

Berndt was a German journalist, writer and was very close to  Joseph Goebbels. Alfred Berndt  wrote an eyewitness account of the 1940 German invasion of the Low Countries and France,  the book he wrote was titled “Tanks Break Through!”

In 1935 Goebbels recruited Berndt as official head of the Reich Press Office in the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. In April 1936, Berndt was appointed head of the press department of the Propaganda Ministry (Division IV).


Berndt is also believed to have been the creator of the “Desert Fox” myth attached to the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, when…

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Harriëtte Zeeman


Harriëtte Zeeman just another teenager.

But she was more then that.

She was someones’s daughter.

She was someone’s sister.

She was someone’s friend.

She was someone’s student.

She was someone’s neighbor.

She was someone who annoyed people.

She was someone who made people laugh.

She was someone born in Amsterdam.

She was someone’s enemy.

She was someone who was murdered by an evil regime in Auschwitz, on 26 October 1942.

She was someone who was murdered aged 14, the same age as my daughter is now.

Beat it- The guitar solo

History of Sorts

beat it

The guitar solo on Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” could have sounded completely different and perhaps it would not have become the massive hit it was if it wasn’t for Quincy Jones’s persistence.

Eddie van Halen was  relaxing at home one day in the summer of 1982, where he suddenly received a call, The caller claimed to be Quincy Jones. Eddie thinking it was a prank, kindly told to caller to leave by using 2 words including 3 f’s. One at the start of the first word and 2 at the end of the 2nd word(I don’t mean Funny Stuff). He then put down the phone.

However he caller called 4 more times, van Halen then realized that it was indeed the legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

Quincy had just working with Michael Jackson on his mega selling album “Thriller” and he wanted Eddie van Halen to play the solo on…

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Punishments in Auschwitz

History of Sorts

Block 11

Killing the Jews and other so called “subhumans” in Auschwitz just wasn’t enough for the Nazi regime. Examples had to be made too, these examples were made by carrying out punishments.

Most of these punishment were carried out in Block 11 this was also the place where the first attempts to kill people with Zyklon B were implemented.

The punishments were completely random. Prisoners received a variety of punishments for the same ‘offenses’. The most common punishments were flogging and confinement. often solitary.Block 11 had special torture chambers in which various punishments were carried out on prisoners. Punishment like  being locked in a dark chamber for several days or being forced to stand in one of four standing cells,where four people would be  crammed together, able only to stand. There was only a 2″ opening for air, so that prisoners wouldn’t die of suffocation.

The punishments were often carried out…

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