Derry Girl


Technically you weren’t a Derry Girl , you were born and raised in Belfast. But you made Derry your home, you became one of its daughters.

Like the show Derry Girls, witty, sharp and funny, so were you.

But what happened today is not funny, It is rotten to the core. A talented young prime example of humanity was killed. Killed by thugs who claim to fight for a cause.

There are some who say that these people don’t represent them, but not all of them are truthful in that.

I did not know you nor did I ever meet you, but that doesn’t matter for it was clear to me that you were pure in your heart and steadfast in what you believed in.

I hope that those who loved you can find solace in the knowledge that you were a decent human being. a rarity in this ever changing world.

We never met but I wish we had.

May you rest in peace and may your soul live on in those who know and love  you.

RIP Lyra McKee,


American-Dutch diplomacy

History of Sorts


On April 19, 1782, John Adams was received by the States-General and the Dutch Republic as they were the first country, together with Morocco and France, to recognize the United States as an independent government. John Adams then became the first U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands and the house that he had purchased at Fluwelen Burgwal 18 in The Hague, became the first U.S. embassy anywhere in the world.


In July 1780 Adams replaced Laurens as the ambassador to the Dutch Republic, then one of the few other republics in the world, ironically less then 3 decades later it became a monarchy. With the aid of the Dutch Patriot leader Joan van der Capellen tot den Pol, Adams secured the recognition of the United States as an independent government at The Hague on April 19, 1782. In February 1782 the Frisian states was the first Dutch province to recognize the…

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December 6 1944, a date that means little to most but a lot to me.

History of Sorts


This is one of my most personal blogs, having that said there still will be people saying it is ‘fake news’.

As the title says the 6th of December 1944 will mean little to most but it means a lot to me. It is the day that one of my uncles died. What makes this special to me is that my mother always told me I reminded her of him. We had the same mannerisms and even way of talking, although I was born long after he died.

His name was Johannes Jager, he moved with my grand parents and his siblings  from Friesland in the North of the Netherlands to Limburg in the south east of the country. They settled in the town where I was born,Geleen. In the suburb Lindenheivel.


There are no pictures of him for my family were basically immigrants, even though it was in the…

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They went on to do bigger things.

History of Sorts


Over the decades there have been so many iconic movies and TV shows which spawned many big actors and actresses.But it didn’t always happen over night, sometimes these stars started off in big shows or movies with minor obscure rolls, or even in music videos.

Below are just a few examples.

Before Dirty Dancing.


The biggest star to come out of the movie Dirty Dancing is without a doubt Patrick Swayze,although I didn’t like the movie I have to admit it became one id the most iconic movies of the 80s.

However before Patrick Swayze made it big, he appeared in an episode of MASH. Where he played a character who catches Leukemia at a young age.


Before Magnum P.I.


When you think Magnum P.I. you just couldn’t imagine else playing that role then Tom Selleck. Tom went on to do other iconic movies such as ‘Three men and a baby’…

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The Wilhelm Scream

History of Sorts


What do the movies. Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back,Toy Story 3,Juno,Where Eagles Dare and Distant Drums(and a few hundred more) have in common?

It’s not the cast or screenplay or even the studio but there are 2 seconds in all these movies which are identical. Those 2 seconds are called “The Wilhelm Scream” which is a sound effect.

The likelihood is great that you’ve heard the Wilhelm Scream at some point when watching a movie or TV show. The sound effect originated in the 1951 Gary Cooper film Distant Drums, and has become a Hollywood sound effects staple for more than 60 years.


At one point in the film ,Distant Drum , some soldiers are slowly walking through a dark swamp when one of them is fatally attacked by an alligator. At the moment when the alligator  surprises him and drags him underwater, the soldier lets out the first known instance of…

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What shall we do with the drunken Cabbie?

History of Sorts


On the 10th of September  1897, a London cabbie with the  name George Smith slammed his taxi into a building and becomes the first person to be arrested for drunk driving. He did plea guilty and was fined 25 shillings.

Police officers did suspect that Smith was drunk because of his behaviour,which resembled the behaviour of a drunk person, and the fact he drove his Taxi into a wall only confirmed this suspicion and also he admitted to it .However if he hadn’t they would have had a problem for w they lacked  a scientific way to prove someone was too intoxicated to drive.

(picture below is not George Smith)


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The Computer bug

History of Sorts

Harvard Mark 2

Don’t worry I am not going to go into details what a computer bug is and what to do how to resolve it. Nor will I explain what the implications of a computer bug are.

That would be a long and tedious blog. In fact this blog will be short and sweet, it will be about the first ever bug being found.

on September 9, 1947, U.S. Navy officer Grace Hopper found a moth between the relays on the Harvard Mark II computer she was working on. In those days computers filled (large) rooms and the warmth of the internal components attracted moths, flies and other flying creatures. Those creatures then shortened circuits and caused the computer to malfunction. She  taped it to the operations logbook with the annotation “First actual case of bug being found”. I


So the first computer bug was just that, a bug.

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World War 2 heart break. -But in a positive way.

History of Sorts


There are so many images of death and destruction during WWII, Images of dying children or children that already have been killed.

Images of families torn apart not knowing if they will ever see each other again, But the amazing thing though, amidst all of these portrayals of the abyss there are some pictures that will break your heart,but in a positive way. Pictures like the one above where a little girl gives a soldier a kiss on Valentine’s day 1945 in France.

Maybe I should say they will melt your heart, but either way I will have no doubt that these will bring tears to your eyes.

A volunteer who saved and comforts a baby after a bombing in London.


An American soldier kissing a little Italian girl


American soldier cleaning the face of a young french orphan.


A British soldier gives soup to a little French girl in…

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The book of…..


They say that everyone has a book in them.

Just imagine the millions of books which were never written because of a regime that deemed millions unworthy of life, leave alone worthy of writing a book.

So many potential authors and scholars who never got a chance because of policies based on hate.

Dasha Mojzesch,

The book of the author  Dasha Mojzesch, who would have written a book about man’s exploration in the universe, How they researched the effects of supernovae and what effect they had on the climate on earth.

But he never got a chance to write that book, he was killed age 5.

Gyorgy Szekely,

The book of   Gyorgy Szekely, whose fairy tales set in the medieval times of Eastern Europe.Stories of dragons, knights in shiny armor, princes,princesses,kings and queens. His books read by millions around the globe.

But before he could even start thinking of writing a book he was murdered aged 15 or 16.


The book of the young brilliant scientist Sara Waas. Who chronicled her break trough research in 1960 when she was just 24. The research that not only found a cure for cancer but also for Parkinson disease.

Cures which saved the lives of so many and gave other a better quality of life.

But alas it was not to be for Sara was murdered when she was only 8.

The policies of hate by the Nazis did not only destroy the lives of so many innocent lives. It also destroyed the lives of some of their children and grandchildren. Because they destroyed potential scientists who could have discovered life altering medicines.


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Don’t give up on us baby! The remarkable story of Hutch,The Covered Man and male prostitution.

History of Sorts


On this day in 1977 David Soul scored a massive NO 1 hit with “Don’t give up on us baby”, take away the “on us baby” and you would have the perfect title for his life.

Mostly known as the iconic Hutch from the  buddy cop  TV show “Starsky and Hutch”, David Soul has had a turbulent life to use an understatement.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, as  David Richard Solberg,David Soul is the son of a minister who was at one time serving as the religious affairs advisor to the U.S. High Commission in Berlin.

Soul attended Augustana College, University of the Americas in Mexico City and the University of Minnesota. At 19, he turned down a professional baseball contract with the Chicago White Sox in order to study political science. While in Mexico, inspired by students who taught him to play the guitar, Soul changed his direction and decided…

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