It’s time we started honouring real heroes again-Part 2

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The world has gone crazy honouring ‘Heroes’ whose only achievement is being famous for the sake of being famous. It is time to start honouring the real heroes again. The men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in freedom.

Cpl. Patrick Mazzie, who is buried in Netherlands American Cemetery, died April 11, 1945


1st Lt. Paul Donald Meyer met his wife 2nd Lt. Elaine Gardner Mitchell during World War II. Paul was killed on February 25, 1945, and he’s buried in Netherlands American Cemetery.55 PDM

Sgt. John K Barry, he was a Tail Gunner of B-17G 42-32213 “”Pistol Packin Mama”” plane crashed Near Nordhausen Germany.

BARRY_John_K_MAR-D-6-10_02 (1)

Dorothy J. Burdge was a school teacher before going overseas as a Red Cross worker. She was sent overseas by the Red Cross in September 1943 and served in England and followed the American troops to Normandy, through France and Belgium and finally to Germany. She operated a Red Cross clubmobile with her sister Grace. She was killed in a plane crash in Germany.


Pvt Frederick Bryan Coldicott Oct. 22, 1921, England,Oct. 22, 1944.

He was born in England and came to America with family at age of 3.
He lived in Roseville, Michigan USA. He was married to Elizabeth and left a daughter, Sandra and a Son Frederick.

He recieved the Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge 10233138_123738070160

PFC Aston Hugh Morgan, III,Oct. 3, 1925, USA,Apr. 5, 1945, Germany

From Aston’s obituary in newspaper:
Pfc Aston H. Morgan III
Killed in Germany, April 5, while serving with field artillery of the Ninth Army.
Entered service in Feb 1944.
Trained at Fort Benning, Ga; Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Wood, Mo.
Stationed in England, France, and Belgium before joining Ninth Army in Hurtgen Forest.
Graduated from Kingston High School in 1943; member of National Honor Society.
Member of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (president of Young People’s Society).
Employed by Craftsmen Engravers before entering service.
Grandfather: Dr. Aston H. Morgan.
Father: Mr. Aston H. Morgan Jr, proprietor of Morgan Drug Store, 361 East Market Street, Kingston.



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