I betcha you didn’t know they were Dutch


This is a small deviation from my usual blogs, just a bit fun trivia.

The Netherlands , a small country with a population of 17.1 Million. Famous for its flowers,vegetables,artists and industry.

But I betcha you did not know these were Dutch.

Bobby Farrell

Dancer and singer with the 70s/80s disco band Bomey M.


Van Halen

The 2 brothers Eddie and Alex van Halen, founders of the Rock band van Halen



Mata Hari

Famous WWI exotic dancer and Spy. Born Margaretha Geertruida


DJ Tiësto

Born  Tijs Michiel Verwest a Dutch DJ and record producer.


Audrey Hepburn

Born in Belgium in 1929. Although her mother was a Dutch Baroness, Hepburn’s childhood fell on hard times in her teen years when the Nazi’s took over Arnhem, NL while she and her mother were there. They ultimately suffered malnutrition, even grinding tulip bulbs as bread flour to survive. At 16, she was a volunteer nurse during the Battle of Arnhem, and worked with the Dutch Underground. After liberation and a few movie roles in Europe, she headed for Hollywood.


Jane Seymour

Born in England. With a Dutch Mother and Jewish Father, she spent much time growing up in Vught, NL and speaks fluent Dutch. Actress and producer, she is known for the TV series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”, the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die”, “Wedding Crashers”, several mini-series and TV movies, and has over 220 credits to her work. Seymour has twenty-two award nominations and nine wins, including two Golden Globe awards and an Emmy.



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