Boy to Man-a Boy in a striped pajamas


Dear Iwan Rebałka, this is your data which is used to make up your statistics.

Born -February 6, 1925 in Kreis Krasnopilla, Russland—an area which is now the part of Ukraine.

Religion – Greek Orthodox

Job at time of arrest-Milkman

Deported to Auschwitz – August 20, 1942

Assigned number – 60308 marked as political prisoner. Red triangle.

Date of death -1 March 1943

Claimed Cause of death-perinephric abscess.

But you are not just data, You are a human being. Technically you were a man for 23 days, for just over 3 weeks you were a man. But an evil regime did not allow you to become a man. They arrested you for no apparent reason, you were seen as a lesser person. They called you a political prisoner.An enemy of the state. But whose state? It certainly wasn’t theirs, because they invaded and occupied your country. They were the enemy of your state.

You were only a young milkman trying to make a living.

They killed you by injecting a a phenol into your heart.

You just made it to manhood but really you were just an innocent boy ,dressed in a striped pajamas.




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