They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.


Below is a part of the testimony of Hans Friedrich a member of of the 1st SS Infantry Brigade. His words are shocking.

“Try to imagine there is a ditch, with people on one side, and behind them soldiers. That was us and we were shooting. And those who were hit fell down into the ditch.They were so utterly shocked and frightened, you could do with them what you wanted.

When he was asked  what he thought and felt when he was shooting, he replied.

“Nothing. I only thought, ‘Aim carefully’ so that you hit properly. That was my thought.”

His answer to the question if he  no feelings for the people, the Jewish civilians that he shot? “No”

When asked why not

“Because my hatred towards the Jews is too great. … And I admit my thinking on this point is unjust, I admit this. But what I experienced from my earliest youth when I was living on a farm, what the Jews were doing to us—well that will never change. That is my unshakable conviction.”

Just read his testimony and then read it again and remember what hate can do.Especially what hate based on lies can do.


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