Their evil knew no boundaries.


Ghandi once said”“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” This is such a true statement.

The Nazis claimed to make a great nation out of Germany , but the same Nazis did not care for the weakest members, In fact they despised them, they were perceived to be a burden on the ordinary citizens.  and often would kill them and/or torture them. After they killed them they would steal their belongings even those belongings they had no use for like artificial limbs or other prosthesis.


Often these prosthesis belonged to soldiers who had fought in WWI, for Germany and were injured. But these heroes suddenly became a burden, when they were Jewish they definitely had a death sentence. Regardless how valiantly they had fought before to defend their Nation, and that was just it, the Jewish citizens still saw Germany as their nation.

Then of course there were the children, Jewish children and Gypsy children(and I do apologize for the generic term gypsy, but if I write Roma I offend some people and if i write Sinti I offend other people, that’s why I am using the generic term)

They were not seen as the future for this so called ‘great’ nation but they were seen as less then vermin who had to be destroyed together with their parents.

The ‘heroic’ Nazis were great in killing defenseless, vulnerable people. At the end they were nothing but cowards whose evil knew no boundaries.

I know some people will argue that in every war there is collateral damage and innocent lives get killed, which is absolutely true. But this was different, these vulnerable people were killed either on a face to face, personal basis or in purpose built facilities to kill en mass those who were not desired in society, often their own people.




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