Remembering the innocents.


Every life lost during the Holocaust was an innocent life but the lost lives of Children is what disturbs me the most.

I just want to say this blog is not made up of scientific data but just an idea that came up in my head overnight, and thinking of it to me it sounded like a logical conclusion.

An estimated 1.5 million Jewish children were killed during the Holocaust. If you take the definition of  a child to be anyone under the age of 18 ,you quickly realize that if the holocaust had not happened the majority of them would more then likely be still alive today.

WWII started in September 1939, although elements of the Holocaust started several years before the start of war, there are no known records of any Jewish children being killed before that.

Lets take the year 1939, a child of 17  then would have been born in 1922. That child would have been 99 today. Then when you take 1945 ,the end of the war, and take a newborn child just days before the end of the war, lest say April 20, 1945. That child would now have celebrated its 76th birthday.

To me it is a logical conclusion that the age range of those 1.5 million children would today be between 76 and 99, Given the fact the mass murders of Jews was really accelerated from 1942 onward , one can come to the conclusion that the majority of those children would now have an age range between 76 and 79.

Especially since scientific progress has made it possible for so many people to live a long life nowadays, Just imagine the possibilities if those 1.5 million children had been allowed to live, how many of them would have become scientists? Working on  cures for life threatening diseases?

1.5 million

I don’t know who the children are in the pictures above, maybe some of them survived. However I also don’t know if the figure of 1.5 million is correct. Again I have no scientific data for this but it only stands to reason that the number must be much higher. There are no records of children who died at birth during the holocaust, nor are there accurate numbers of children who died during  or just before transport. Then there are pregnant women whose pregnancies were forcibly terminated either through experiments or otherwise.

All I want to do is remember all those who could have walked among us but because if the ideology of a warped lunatic, whose birthday it is today, and his cronies these 1.5 million + human beings were denied a life.

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