Remembering de Couzijn Family

The Couzijn family consisted out of 3 people. Marcus, his wife Hanni end their daughter Mirjam.

Three people who were at the start of family life. Yet they were denied that most basic right, life. Not only were they denied the right of life they were also denied the dignity of being buried as a family.

Mirjam was murdered age 1, only 5 days after her birthday, She was gassed together with her mother on August 28,1942.

Initially it was believed that Marcus also was murdered that day ,but it later emerged that he was murdered on January 4, 1943.

Usually I like to delve deeper into the family history of these families, but today I can’t for some reason. It is just hard for me, maybe it is because I am a father. Marcus was born on Christmas day 1905.


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