Murdered on August 28,1942 in Auschwitz.

In August 1942, a group of refugees from the Netherlands was arrested in Belgium.
The men were placed in Breendonk, and the women and children were placed in the Jewish orphanage.

They were all very young children.

In the end they were all deported to Auschwitz and murdered there on August 28,1942.

Below are the names of the women and their children, who were placed in the Jewish orphanage.

  • Edith Essinger-Morpurgo and her daughter Eveline Franziska-Aged 2
  • Hanni Couzijn-Hoffman and her daughter Mirjam-Aged 1
  • Cato Chelem-Goudeket and her daughter son Iwan-Aged 1
  • Anna Poons-Hamburg and her son Hijman-Aged 5
  • Alice Essinger-Rosengarten and her son Robert (no further details)
  • Golda Barber-Lewinson and her son Alfred-Aged 7 months
  • Frederika van Amerongen-Veffer with her daughter Sonja-Aged 9 months, pictured above.


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