Nathan Bachrach-Murdered aged 11

Nathan was born in Arnhem, on 6 April 1931. Murdered in Auschwitz, on 12 October 1942. He reached the age of 11 years.

In the last years of his short life, he had to witness some of the following “laws.”

From July 1940, the freedom of Jews is curtailed by the introduction of anti-Jewish measures, the first being the ban on working in the air defense service. From 1942, the measures followed each other in rapid succession, with the most visible on May 3, 1942: the introduction of the Star of David.

The Registration of Jewish residents was Regulation no. 6/1941 of Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart, issued on January 10, 1941. It obliged all Jewish residents of the Netherlands to register with the Population Register, this cost one guilder. Those who refused could face up to five years in prison. Moreover, these data were already known to the Jewish communities and the population register.

Jewish children had to go to separate schools from September 1, 1941, and are no longer allowed to go to public schools.

Nathan and Family

The Mandatory Star of David was introduced on May 3, 1942, and obliged all Jews older than six years to wear the Star of David. It had to be worn visibly at chest height. The star was distributed by the Jewish Council and cost 4 cents each.

Five months later, Nathan was deported to Auschwitz and murdered.


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