A threat to the nation

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I can nearly understand why adult civilians could be perceived as a threat to the nations.Although I know the reasons why I still don’t comprehend them.

But children, why? Of course this is the way the Nazi’s wanted to ensure that the ‘undesirables’ would have no future. I have done blogs on the young victims of the Holocaust before and this is another one,because there are still too many who do not realize the implications of the Holocaust. This could happen again and to an extend it is already happening in some parts of the world.

The next time it could be you and your children.

These are pictures of young children who were murdered in Auschwitz.It is not easy to look at these children but we can not afford for these children to be forgotten.

Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz, 1943-44


Annie Dirnfeld age 2 was deported to Auschwitz then murdered on July 5, 1944.


Naomi Posinova, born in Prague, murdered in Auschwitz.


Jeanette Groenteman murdered in Auschwitz on Sept. 28, 1942


3 year old Arlette Skalka was arrested during the vel d’hiv roundup and murdered in Auschwitz on August 23, 1942.
Lazare Amar age 10 from Paris, France was sadly murdered in Auschwitz on October 28, 1943.
Hartog Kroonenberg murdered in Auschwitz on Oct. 8, 1942
These beautiful faces should be a stark reminder on how cruel men can be.

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