I will be your voice


Dear Marta Weisz, you don’t know me and I don’t know you but yet I pledge to be your voice.

You were a product of love between 2 people, but you were killed by a product of hate.

I say product because when you were born you produced a feeling in your parents which can not be described by any pen. Suffice to say it was heavenly.

You also produced the willingness in others to abandon their moral compass and to kill you, although they knew it was wrong.

My pledge is to be your voice because yours was silenced aged 2 in Auschwitz. What happened to your parents I don’t know, but I presume their voices were silenced too.

And if they survived do not feel anger towards them for not speaking, for surviving without you was not a blessing but a punishment, even though they did nothing wrong.

I will be their voice too.

Why so called ‘cultured’ and ‘sophisticated’ men butchered so many like you is hard to fathom for me.

All I can do is be that voice of the souls who perished so this will never happen again, although I know that it is.



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