Reached the age of 9 years


“Reached the age of 9 years” may seem like a very matter of fact and brutal title , but the brutal honesty is many of the 1.5 million children murdered during the Holocaust did not even reach that age.

Reached the age of 9 years should never be said of any child as the age of death.

Reached the age of 9 years should never be said of any child as the age of death because of murder.

But reached the age of 9 years was the reality of Hannelore Cahn, born on 31 May 1935 in Wesseling near Cologne, Germany. Murdered on 25 October 1944 in Auschwitz.

It is not clear how Hannelore ended up in the Netherlands . She was the daughter of Emil Cahn and Irene Löwenstein. In 1939  she and her 2 brothers Kurt and Josef came from Cologne in Germany to the Netherlands and resided at the Jewish orphanage in Utrecht,

Her brother Kurt reached the ag15 years, he was born om April 10,1929 39 years before I was born. He was murdered on 28 February 1945, not clear where he was murdered.

Her brother Josef reached the age of 19 born in Wesseling, 25 August 1925 and died in Germany just before the war ended on 2 May 1945.

All 3 Cahn children I presume were sent by their parents to the Netherlands, to escape the Nazi regime.

Their Father Emil, ended up in the British army and shortly after the war he enquired about his children, only to find out they all were killed. No Father should ever have to go through that.

Reached the age of 9 years a brutal reality because of a warped ideology.


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Originally from a small former mining town called Geleen in the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. I moved to Limerick in Ireland in 1997 together with my wife who is a native from Limerick.We now have 3 kids I am passionate about music ,history and movies

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