You will not be forgotten


The 4th of May is the day when the Dutch remember the dead. Those who died because of war. At the start of WWII, my hometown had 37 Jewish citizens, by 4th of May 1945 they had all perished.
This is a poem remembering those 37 innocent lives.

You are not different than me.
You eat the same food.
You read the same books.
But yet you are not free.

You are not free because of someone’s idea of you.
You are given a yellow star
You are catalogued and numbered like cattle.
But yet you’re not an animal but a human too.

You are being killed in the vilest of ways.
You are a man, a woman, a child, a parent.
You are erased as if you were never here.
But yet you are remembered on many days.

You are not different to me but you are also not the same.
You are merely a number and a name on a list.
You are not listened to for you have no voice
But I pledge I will shout for you in loud acclaim.


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