Never Again, 2 simple words often spoken. But are they ever thought about. There is a contradiction in the words.

Never as in not ever. Indicating that something will not happen anymore.

Again, as in a re-occurring act. Going for a walk again, or having something to eat again.

I am only mentioning these 2 words and I am breaking then down into  separate words just so we are focused a bit more when we utter them.

They are so often said without given a second thought that they really have become a slogan, and I am just as guilty in this as anyone else.

Never Again’ will mean nothing to Irene Rosita Cohen or indeed to her Brother,Levie Paul Cohen, her Mother Henderika Boena Cohen-de Beer. All 3 of them died on October 12,1942.They were murdered in Auschwitz that day. Irene was only aged 2,Levie Paul was aged 7 and Henderika was aged 31

Never Again’ will mean nothing to Irene’s Father Herbert Cohen either, he was murdered in Auschwitz on January 31,1943. He was aged 33.


A family who will never enjoy a holiday again.

A family who will never enjoy a birthday cake again.

A family who will never enjoy going to the cinema as a family again.

The Cohen family were from Enschede in the Netherlands, but this  was the fate for so many families all over Europe. Murdered because they were Jewish, that was it ,no other reason, no justification just because they were Jewish.

Let us all replace the slogan NEVER AGAIN, with actual action. Let us all make sure that this will never happen again or at least try to stop it. Rather then saying Never Again lets say. “It is my personal responsibility as a human being to make sure, hate does not win and this will not happen again.”

Lets call it out when we see it and lets not care if this calling out might seem ‘not political correct’ We are all human beings, that is all that matters.

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