Esther Stad -murdered 251 days old

Esther Stad was born this day 80 years ago. You’d expect I would be able to say a lot about Esther. 80 years should have provided me with a lot of data.

But there are only a few things I can say about her.

She was born on February 4,1942 in Amsterdam.

Her Father was Hijman Stad, a driver and mechanic. He was murdered in Auschwitz on January 31,1943.

Her Mother was Louisa Stad-Polak, a bookkeeper. She was murdered on October 12,1942 in Auschwitz , the same day Esther was murdered.

Esther was just over 8 months old. Only 251 days.

251 days in constant threat.

Unfortunately I have no more words, only tears.



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