Nathan Roozelaar& Eva Roozelaar-Hart

Nathan Roozelaar& Eva Roozelaar-Hart, who were they?

To be honest I know very little about them. All I know that they were both born in Amsterdam. Nathan on March 21,1887 and Eva on July 15,1887. At some stage they must have met because they got married, when I don’t know?

I do know that Nathan was a Market Vendor. On December 1,1922 he received a permit to have a stall on the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, probably the most famous market in the Netherlands. His permit allowed him to have his stall from Monday to Saturday.

Eva I presume, was a housewife who helped out at the stall from time to time, because her picture is also on the permit

You might think why would I write about people I don’t know and who I know so little about?

I don’t really have an answer except for that I noticed they were both murdered 79 years ago today. The both of them were murdered in Auschwitz on February 19, 1943.

Two hard working people who were contributing to society, both murdered for no other reason then that they were Jewish.



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