The song is over. The Curtain has fallen.

Mordechai Santilhano was a Dutch Jewish performing artist. He was born on January 11,1905. He was murdered on in or near Auschwitz on October 12.1944. He used the artist name Max Santiel or simply Oom Max-Uncle Max.

I could say quite a lot about him, but I have decided to leave his own words tell his story of his last days. The title of the blog was taken from the last letter he wrote to his friends.

Ventriloquist “Uncle Max” wrote a last letter to the couple (“Toon and Truus”) with whom he was friends and where he had previously been in hiding. Max and Toon were both artists and had performed together – this is what Max refers to when he talks about the “business side”. There is no date on the letter. Below is a translation of the transcript.

Dear Toon and Truus!

For the first time in all that time I pick up my pen to pour out my heart to you because this is not possible by phone. Now it finally happened that I no longer can come to you, because prior to this the only possibility was by bicycle. Which I don’t have. I am not allowed to borrow one either t from anyone and there is also no one who can help me with their bicycle. What now…….. You know how my nerves are back at me again, although I do everything to stay in control, now my drive in the field of my life force is gone too because, yes, I always have enjoyed freedom with you, devoured ! It was no longer food, I almost choked. Lovely valued Truus Toon I remain grateful to your hospitality..We sometimes had different opinions, but that is the case in every family. And you Toon always said that you treated me like your eldest son, but aside from those litlle arguments , you made me hiccup many times! So that I fell down. Truus made me feast on her fine cooking skills! This is in recognition of our friendship.

Now the business side what you want to .Continue to do what your heart tells you to, and act thinking how you would treat me, I only wish that which you cannot justify yourself, but also always think of my good and honest companionship, this you thought of me at all times. I don’t know how it goes, but I now feel compelled to also give a rating on paper because the light goes out so gently, but a light still shines and this still gives me strength and that is the sun, they cannot take it away from us! Let me seek my strength here, although much more strength was in your kidney bean soup and ham. When again! Well, dear fellows, excuse me for being such an old man again, you know, but this time you’ll allow it, won’t you? It gives me strength, I will call, but I can’t say much in the receiver!
My door is open to you!!
and hope for the best!!
health to you all your friend,



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