Joseph Charles Rosenberg Polak-Just one of 6 million

Joseph is just one of the 6 million Jews who was murdered during the Holocaust. He was murdered today 80 years ago in Auschwitz.

He was born in Amsterdam, 20 February 1921.

Joseph Charles Rosenberg Polak (Jop) lived with his parents at 163 Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. He wanted to study medicine, following in his father’s footsteps. Due to the measures taken by the Germans against the Jewish population, this became impossible for him. At the beginning of May 1941, Jop came to work with his father in the Central Israelite Nursing Service (C.I.Z.), Jacob Obrechtstraat 92 in Amsterdam.

In August 1942 he was arrested at the Belgian-French border while trying to escape to Switzerland. Jop ends up in the transit camp for Belgian Jews in the specially equipped Kazerne Dossin de Saint-Georges in Mechelen, which is centrally located between Antwerp and Brussels. In Mechelen,

The camp has a service track that connects the Dossin barracks directly with the Belgian railway network. From October, the German camp security is supplemented with Flemish SS men, who guard the outside of the barracks. The Jewish inmates initially know no better than that they will be put to work in the German war industry. For example, it is known that on June 13, already 2,252 mostly Jewish workers were sent to northern France to work on the Atlantik Wall, the German defenses on the coast. They also receive a list of the “equipment” they needed to take with them with their “employment call”. Before long, however, many begin to suspect the true nature of the “evacuation” and go into hiding. On July 27, 1942, the first Jews arrived at the Dossin barracks and on August 4, 1942, the first transport departed for Auschwitz. This also brings about 140 children along, further fueling suspicion and leading thousands to ignore their call. In response, the Germans carry out nightly raids.
On September 1, 1942, Jop was transported to Auschwitz (convoy VII/124).

On September 4,1942 he is murdered in Auschwitz.


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