The 73 Days of Isaac Michel Max Rosenbaum

We now live in an era when we consider 73 years a young age to die. Isaac Michel Max Rosenbaum lived for only 73 days. He was born in Amsterdam on 19 January 1943. The Nazis murdered him at Sobibor on 2 April 1943.

His father was Ephraim Izak Levie Rosenbaum, who lived with his wife and children until 1943 at 13 JD Meierplein (Houtmarkt was 13). He was a pharmacist at Hoek Amstel–Nieuwe Heerengracht 1, Amsterdam.

His wife, Johanna Frederika Suzanna Zion, and his son, Izak Michel Max, went into hiding at Neede (Gelderland). Betrayed—they were rounded up and sent to Sobibor via Westerbork. There the Nazis killed them on 2 April 1943.

Ephraim Isaac Levie Rosenbaum was murdered three weeks later in Sobibor.

73 Days—7 + 3 = 10, that’s what you were, Isaac Michel Max Rosenbaum—a perfect 10.

73 Days—just over two months. You were a product of love—but you became a victim of hate.

73 Days—but it should have been 80 years because that is what you would have been today. Happy Birthday, young Isaac Michel Max Rosenbaum—no longer a human made from flesh and bone, but a star in heaven.

Michel Max Rosenbaum’s sister, Betty, survived the Holocaust.


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