Annelise Julie van Voolen—9 Month Old Enemy of the State

I need someone to explain to me the threat this nine-month-old child posed to the Nazi state?

Annelise Julie van Voolen was born on 17 September 1942 in Amsterdam and was murdered on 1 July 1943 in Westerbork. She was cremated the following day July 2nd.

I don’t know what caused her death but I will call it murder, nonetheless. I can only assume she died because of the appalling living circumstances in Westerbork.

In late May 1943, Annelise’s father, Maurits found out while he was in his office at the Jewish council, that his family was picked up during a raid in Amsterdam. He wrote a letter to some friends telling them about the fate of his family and that he would voluntarily join them in the Westerbork concentration camp. He also asked friends to send letters and parcels.

Maurits van Voolen was murdered in Extern kommando Kaufering, 9 January 1945.

His wife and one of the children survived the war.[1]


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