What is the point of killing a 102 year old.

The picture above is taken from a local Dutch newspaper. It is a small article from April 30,1942. Although it is a small notification it gives a wealth of information. The article is about Klara(or Clara) Borstel-Engelsman, born in Amsterdam  the piece announces her 100th birthday and how it is celebrated. It tells us sheContinue reading “What is the point of killing a 102 year old.”

Annelise Julie van Voolen-Murdered age 9 months.

I know some people will criticize me for this article. Because they cannot fathom why anyone would harm a 9 month old baby, leave alone murder her. Seeing the face of a baby , knowing the child was killed by an evil regime, hits them hard in the gut. But I don’t care, truth isContinue reading “Annelise Julie van Voolen-Murdered age 9 months.”

107,000 people on 97 transports

I am not a great fan of statistics because without the full story behind them, they can be manipulated and often they are. However sometimes they can be useful to indicate a scale, In this the scale of death and destruction during the Holocaust. Between July 15,1942 and 13 September 1944 107,000 Jews were deported Continue reading “107,000 people on 97 transports”

93 Trains

93 trains left concentration camp Westerbork in the Netherlands between July 1942 and September 1944. All the trains were heading eastbound. Not one single  journey would be  a pleasant one , The final destination would more then likely result in death. I deliberately call Westerbork a concentration camp, because that’s what it was, It isContinue reading “93 Trains”

Ivor Arnold Troostwijk-10 weeks old Holocaust victim.

I so vividly remember the day my wife told we were expecting out first child. The only way to describe it was magic. And that is how new life should be celebrated as a magical moment, young expecting parents should only have to worry about the health and well being of their baby. But whatContinue reading “Ivor Arnold Troostwijk-10 weeks old Holocaust victim.”

The Löb siblings

In the 1920’s it would not be uncommon ,in the Catholic south of the Netherlands, that 1 or 2 children in a family would join a monastery or convent. But 6 from the 8 children was rare. What makes it even more rare with  the Löb siblings that their parents had been Jewish. but theyContinue reading “The Löb siblings”

Westerbork the Jewish refugee camp that became a concentration camp.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that Camp Westerbork was actually established as a refugee camp for Jews escaping the Nazi regime in Germany and Austria.and who had illegally entered the Netherlands. It was established by the Dutch government in the summer of 1939. In July 1942, the Nazis took over the campContinue reading “Westerbork the Jewish refugee camp that became a concentration camp.”

Law abiding citizen

I don’t know what it is but the last few days I have discovered several accounts of victims of the Holocaust which are very near to me. Not so much that I was related to these people or that I knew them, but I knew the locality and the addresses where they lived. In factContinue reading “Law abiding citizen”

Football in time of Horror-The football competition in Westerbork

This must be one of the most amazing events I came across but amidst all the killing,torture,deportations and other horrors in Camp Westerbork, they actally found time to set up a football competition. The competition was made up of several teams of Jewish inmates and started in spring 1943, it was a welcome distraction andContinue reading “Football in time of Horror-The football competition in Westerbork”

The last single Journey: Westerbork-Auschwitz

One of the cruel jokes the Nazis played on their victims was giving them hope. Like a railway sign indicating a return journey that was never to be. Only empty trains returned ready to pick up more victims like lambs led to the slaughter. On September 3,1944 the last transport by train from Westerbork TransitContinue reading “The last single Journey: Westerbork-Auschwitz”