Hans Weinberg murdered in Dorohucza

Hans Weinberg would have celebrated his 101st birthday today. Although there is not that much data on Hans, and the data which is available his very clinical, it does illustrate the horrors of the Holocaust.

Hans was born on November 22,1921 in Amsterdam He was murdered-although some may say died- on November 30,1943 in Dorohucza a labor camp in Poland.

I had not heard of Dorohucza before. This is how Dutch historian and Holocaust survivor Jules Schelvis described the camp.

“In Dorohucza, we lacked the most basic amenities. The inmates who were there were sleeping in dilapidated barracks. The roof had large gaps, so that lying on the bare floor, one had an unobstructed view of the sky. There was always a penetrating stench of dirty clothes and unwashed bodies. Drinking water was not there. We were given black gunk they called coffee and soup, which consisted of half a liter of water with pieces of sauerkraut and an almost transparent slice of dog food. The water from the river that flowed past the camp was undrinkable. It was very dirty, because the river also served as a laundry room by the prisoners when they unsuccessfully tried to get rid of their lice after work.”

Dorohucza was the location of a forced labor camp of the Lublin Reservation complex. According to Jules Schelvis, at least 700 Dutch Jews were imprisoned there building latifundia of Generalplan Ost for the German settlers. Jules Schelvis and Hans Weinberg were both prisoners there.

Hans Weinberg’s timeline.

Born November 22,1921 in Amsterdam.

May 10,1940, German troops invade the Netherlands. Hans is 18.

January 7,1941 Hans and other Jews were no longer allowed to go the cinema.

May 3.1942 ,all Dutch Jews including Hans had to wear a Yellow star.

Hans was imprisoned in Camp Westerbork, the Netherlands until July 20,1943.

On July,20 1943, Hans was deported to Sobibor, Poland. There were 2245 people on that transport. Age 0 to 12-19;age 13 to 18-297;age 19 to 25-179; age 26 to 35-179; age 36 to 50-375;age 51 to 65-563; age 66 to 80-380; age 80+ 253

November 30,1943 Hans is murdered in Dorohucza. The sad thing is he came from an extermination camp to be murdered in a labor camp.






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