Remembering Esther Brilleslijper

It is nearly impossible to quantify the number of people being killed during the Holocaust, I personally think the estimated number of 1.5 million children is too low.

The one thing that can be quantified accurately is the value put on life. For a family of 5 it would be 37.50 guilders ,or the 2022 equivalent of $250. That is the price that was paid to the Column Henneicke, for the betrayal of Esther Brilleslijper and her family.

Esther Brilleslijper was born in Amsterdam, on 13 August 1942 . She was murdered in Sobibor, on 11 June 1943. She reached the age of 9 months.

In those 9 months she was arrested , yes a 9 month old baby arrested, and sent to Vught concentration camp.

On 6 June 1943 Esther Brilleslijper was transported from Camp Vught to Camp Westerbork.In addition to Esther Brilleslijper, 2,277 other people are known to have been transported that day.

From June 8, 1943, Esther Brilleslijper was transported from Camp Westerbork to Sobibor. Where she was murdered together with her father Levie Brilleslijper, 3 year old brother Wolf Brilleslijper, and mother Judith Brilleslijper-van der Woude.

I am remembering Esther Brilleslijper today on her birthday. It happens to coincide with my daughter’s birthday.

Esther Brilleslijper would have been 80 today.


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  1. Richard Van der Meer says:


    Bedankt dat je zoveel tijd en onderzoek steekt in dit soort verhalen. We kunnen en mogen dit nooit vergeten.

    Met vriendelijke groet, Richard van der Meer.


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