160 Days

Elleke Trijtel was born in Amsterdam on October 24. 160-days later, they murdered you in Sobibor.

Dear Elleke, your parents loved each other, you were the fruit of their love. You were born under a regime that hated you so much, they only allowed you to live 160 days.

There was no rain the day you were born. It was a mild day, 16-degree centigrade, quite warm for the end of October.

It was a Saturday.

In Tipperary, Ireland, Frank Delaney was born on the same day as you were born. But he lived much longer than 160 days. He became a famous author and reporter for the BBC.

You could have become famous if you had been given a chance.

160 days, 3840 hours. There was no time for pictures to be taken. All that is left to prove that you existed was a card from Westerbork with your name on it. A card from an organized registration system.

On March 30, 1943 you were put on a train to Sobibor, where you were murdered two days later on April 2, 1943, the last of your 160 days.



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