A Murdered Family

The baby in the picture is Jonas David Kloot, he would have celebrated his 80th birthday today. He would have been blowing out 80 birthday candles on his birthday cake. But he didn’t even get to blow out his first birthday candle. Jonas was born on 15 September 1942 in Amsterdam. Less than nine months later on 11 June 1943, he was murdered in Sobibor.

The other people in the photograph are Jonas’s dad, Hijman Kloot. Born in Amsterdam, on 5 June 1904. Murdered in Sobibor on 9 July 1943. Reached the age of 39 years. Occupation: Merchant

Jonas’s Mother, Femmina Kloot-Engelsman. Born in Amsterdam, 19 March 1908. Murdered in Sobibor on 11 June 1943.

Jonas’s oldest sister, Clara Kloot. Born in Amsterdam on March 1931. She was murdered in Sobibor on 11 June 1943 at the age of 12.

Jonas’s youngest sister, Annie Kloot was born in Amsterdam on 7 August 1935. She was murdered in Sobibor on 11 June 1943 at the age of seven.

Femmina and her three children were all murdered on the same day. They were deported from Westerbork to Sobibor on 8 June 1943 and were murdered on their arrival on 11 June 1943.

The Kloot family were not the only ones on that transport. There were in total of 3,015 on that train, the majority were murdered upon arrival at Sobibor on 11 June 1943. Just think about that, about 2900 were murdered in one day.

The ages of those on the transport were:

Hijman Kloot and Femmina Engelsman married in 1929 in Amsterdam.

All members of the extended Kloot members were murdered at Sobibor, except for Samuel Kloot and Isaac Kloot, and two brothers of Hijman Koot. They were murdered in Auschwitz.

Samuel’s wife and two-year-old son were also murdered at Auschwitz, as well as their nine-year-old daughter and the wife of Isaac Kloot.




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