Zeppelins,Bombing and Chocolate

Ever since I was a young lad I was interested in WWII,mainly because I had a personal connection to it. But for some reason I was never really that interested in WWI, probably because the Netherlands had managed to stay out of it. However the last few years I have become more interested in theContinue reading “Zeppelins,Bombing and Chocolate”

The bombing of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was hit by bombs seven times during the Second World War. It was just a matter of sheer luck that King George VI and Queen Elizabeth weren’t killed or very badly injured when the third raid took place on September 13th, 1940. The king and queen were in one of the rooms nearContinue reading “The bombing of Buckingham Palace”

Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941

Although the Republic of Ireland was neutral and was left largely unscathed during the war, Northern Ireland as part of the UK was not that lucky. Belfast being the biggest city of Northern Ireland was hit by German bombers 4 times, between the 7th of April and 6th of May 1941. Northern Ireland was illContinue reading “Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941”

The bombing of Café de Paris -London

Café de Paris is a London nightclub, located in the West End, beside Leicester Square on Coventry Street, Piccadilly. It opened in 1924 and subsequently featured such performers as Dorothy Dandridge, Marlene Dietrich, Harry Gold, Harry Roy, Ken Snakehips Johnson and Maxine Cooper Gomberg.Louise Brooks made history when she worked there in December 1924, introducingContinue reading “The bombing of Café de Paris -London”

The second Great Fire of London

Today marks the 76th anniversary of the second Great Fire of London. On 29 December 1940 around 100,000 bombs fell in just a few hours, causing a firestorm across most of the City’s square mile up to Islington. 14 fire fighters were to lose their lives that night, with over 250 injured. The largest continuousContinue reading “The second Great Fire of London”

Harry Dobkin-Blitz Murderer

One can imaging that the Blitz must have been a terrifying time in Great Britain, but it also must have been a time where people ceased the opportunity amidst the chaos to do things they usually wouldn’t dare to do for the fear of being caught. Harry Dobkin was one of these folks. Harry DobkinContinue reading “Harry Dobkin-Blitz Murderer”