Alexander Zwaap AKA Lex van Delden

Although he was born as Alexander Zwaap, for most of his life he would be known as Lex van Delden. He was a truly remarkable man, despite hardships he never gave up. He was born  in Amsterdam on September 10, 1919, as the only child of Wolf Zwaap, a school-teacher, and his wife Sara Olivier-Zwaap,Continue reading “Alexander Zwaap AKA Lex van Delden”

Desperation and Survival

I have often wondered how the Sonderkommandos coped with their  work. Sonderkommandos were  forced labour units made up of  Nazi death camp prisoners. usually Jews.They were forced to help with the disposal of gas chamber victims among other duties. Sometimes even removing family members. It is not like they had a choice, it was either workContinue reading “Desperation and Survival”

The positive attitude of Robert Clary that kept him alive.

It’s amazing how ignorant someone sometimes can be. Although I wasn’t a great of fan of the shows I did watch Hogan’s Heroes and the Bold and the Beautiful on a regular basis,especially the latter one in the period of 1990-1992. The reason why I mention these 2 shows because it starred Robert Clary. InContinue reading “The positive attitude of Robert Clary that kept him alive.”

Alive! How far would you go to survive?

Anyone who has seen the movie ‘Alive’ will be aware of this story. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was a chartered flight carrying 45 people, including a rugby union team, their friends, family and associates, that crashed in the Andes on Friday the 13th  October 1972, in an incident known as the Andes flight disasterContinue reading “Alive! How far would you go to survive?”

Perseverance during the Holocaust

For me it is unfathomable to even imagine what the victims of the Holocaust had to endure. I don’t think I would have the strength to persevere and yet there were those who did. They did not give up hope and just kept going. Below are just some pictures of those who despite everything lookedContinue reading “Perseverance during the Holocaust”

The tin of Survival-Surviving the Death Train.

There are circumstances when your life could very well depend on something as simple as a biscuit tin. This one went with Abel Herzberg and his wife Thea on a dreadful journey. In the Westerbork Transit Camp as well as the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, it was matter of life or death to be able toContinue reading “The tin of Survival-Surviving the Death Train.”

The hard to believe but yet true story of John Capes.

.John Capes was a leading stoker aboard the HMS Perseus, it sailed from Malta for Alexandria on 26 November 1941 with instructions to patrol waters to the east of Greece during her passage. She apparently torpedoed a ship on 3 December but at 10 pm on 6 December struck an Italian mine off Cephalonia, 7 milesContinue reading “The hard to believe but yet true story of John Capes.”