Frieda Goldschmidt-Jakob-bombed by the RAF and Victim of the Nazis.

It is strange how things can come full circle. My first real blog was about an event during WWII in my hometown of which I was blissfully ignorant about, until I stumbled upon it by accident.. I came across the story of Frieda Goldschmidt-Jakob which actually ties into that story. On October 5,1942 the RAFContinue reading “Frieda Goldschmidt-Jakob-bombed by the RAF and Victim of the Nazis.”

SS Navemar-The ship built for 15, but carried close to 1200

SS Navemar was a cargo steamship that was built in England in 1921, was Norwegian-owned until 1927 and then Spanish-owned for the rest of her career. An Italian submarine sank her in the Strait of Gibraltar in 1942. Navemar is notable for a voyage in 1941 in which she carried about 1,120 European Jewish refugees to the United States in overcrowded and insanitary conditions. In 1941, the American Jewish JointContinue reading “SS Navemar-The ship built for 15, but carried close to 1200”

WWII refugee camps in Iran

Nowadays Iran is often referred to as an axis of evil and this piece is not meant to agree or disagree with that, it is meant to show that it hasn’t always been that way. In a similar fashion it is often believed that the Soviet army were the good guys during WWII, that wasn’tContinue reading “WWII refugee camps in Iran”

The Struma Disaster-the floating coffin

Today  is the 76th anniversary of a tragic event that took place during World War II, involving 769 Jews who perished in a ramshackle ship called Struma while escaping from Romania. The woeful circumstances that surrounded this event were a grim global war, clumsy diplomatic maneuvers conducted by the British to keep the Jews awayContinue reading “The Struma Disaster-the floating coffin”