Cannibal turned vegetarian

Armin Meiwes placed an ad on “The Cannibal Cafe” website asking for someone to eat, and shockingly, someone answered. ++Before you read on you might want to put down your sandwich first++ To the family next door, Armin Meiwes seemed the perfect neighbour. He mowed their lawn, repaired their car and even invited them roundContinue reading “Cannibal turned vegetarian”

James S Jameson-Heir to the Whiskey empire and full time Psycho.

James S. Jameson was the great-great-grandson of John Jameson, the founder of the famed Irish Whiskey company, and as such was heir to the family fortune. Like many rich heirs of the era, Jameson considered himself something of an adventurer, and would tag along on the expeditions of more accomplished explorers. The end of theContinue reading “James S Jameson-Heir to the Whiskey empire and full time Psycho.”

Alive! How far would you go to survive?

Anyone who has seen the movie ‘Alive’ will be aware of this story. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 was a chartered flight carrying 45 people, including a rugby union team, their friends, family and associates, that crashed in the Andes on Friday the 13th  October 1972, in an incident known as the Andes flight disasterContinue reading “Alive! How far would you go to survive?”

Masanobu Tsuji-Japanese Colonel and part time Cannibal.

Masanobu Tsuji (11 October 1901 – ca.1961) was a Japanese army officer and politician. During World War II, he was an important tactical planner in the Imperial Japanese Army; he developed the detailed plans for the successful Japanese invasion of Malaya at the start of the war. He also helped plan and lead the final JapaneseContinue reading “Masanobu Tsuji-Japanese Colonel and part time Cannibal.”

Chichijima incident-Cannibalism in WWII and George H.W. Bush’s remarkable survival.

This story is best to be categorized as creepy. There is one other story I came across which is creepier ,about an allied Army unit stationed in neutral Switzerland, where a soldier, Private Reginald, had complete gone insane in and kidnapped and ate several children. But I could not find any evidence if this actuallyContinue reading “Chichijima incident-Cannibalism in WWII and George H.W. Bush’s remarkable survival.”