Karl Gebhardt torturing to prove a point.

When Reinhard Heydrich was severely injured after the assassination attempt on him,Operation Anthropoid, Himmler ordered his personal physician,Karl Gebhardt, to attend to Heydrich’s injuries. Initially the recovery appeared to go well. Theodor Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, suggested the use of sulfonamides ,which was a new antibacterial drug,, but Gebhardt, assuming that  Heydrich would recover, declinedContinue reading “Karl Gebhardt torturing to prove a point.”

Heinz Heydrich-The good Heydrich.

Some name are synonymous with evil Goering and Heydrich would be some of them.But like Herman Goering had a brother who was the opposite of him and rather then killing Jews he helped them. So did Reinhard Heydrich(The Butcher of Prague), he had a younger brother who also saved Jews. Heinz Heydrich was born inContinue reading “Heinz Heydrich-The good Heydrich.”

Sonder Aktion 1005- Destroying the evidence.

Under the code name “Aktion 1005” the Germans tried to cover all tracks of Nazi extermination policy in the east, by opening mass graves and cremating hundreds of thousands of bodies. The code name had its origin in the file number 1005, used in the related correspondence between Gestapo chief SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller and Martin Luther,Continue reading “Sonder Aktion 1005- Destroying the evidence.”