The farce that was the Nuremberg Trials

Today marks the 74th anniversary of the sentencing at the main Nuremberg trials.The sentencing took  two days, with the individual sentences read out on the afternoon of 1 October. The Nuremberg trials were never really meant to serve justice. In one way I can understand it but on the other hand looking at the sentencesContinue reading “The farce that was the Nuremberg Trials”

The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.

In 1943 a law was passed in Germany which gave all foreign Waffen SS members the German nationality by default. This law still prevents extradition of WWII War criminals to be extradited to their native countries, because these men have the German nationality , and Germany does not extradite it’s own citizens. These are justContinue reading “The 1943 German law that denies justice to be done.”

The conditions at Bergen Belsen.

I was in two minds on how to do this blog. Initially I was considering adding graphic pictures to accompany the text , but then I thought that the pictures may just be too horrific and it would turn people away from reading the text. Additionally there would be a chance that this blog wouldContinue reading “The conditions at Bergen Belsen.”

Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.

If someone told you that you could kill an innocent man and there would be no repercussions or any form of punishment, would you do it? Any normal person would answer “no” of course.But not Alfred-Ingemar Berndt, he decided to kill a man simply for the reason that he could. Berndt was a German journalist,Continue reading “Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.”

Martin Sommer-Too evil for Nazi standards.

+++++CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++++ The bizarre thing about the Nazi regime was that they had so many contradictions.They had no issues with committing mass murder and genocide or evil and cruel medical experiments, but they had issues with cruelty which was not conform with their policies. It was okay to murder and torture but it hadContinue reading “Martin Sommer-Too evil for Nazi standards.”

Evil recorded.

Secret recordings made by British intelligence during World War II War have laid bare  the horrific atrocities carried out by everyday German soldiers.Not members of the SS, ‘regular’Wehrmacht soldiers. Following is the transcript of one of those recordings, The only name related to the recording is Reimbold, his position I don’t know but that isContinue reading “Evil recorded.”

The Vinkt Massacre

One of the first crimes committed by the German army, in western Europe, took place in Belgium villages of Vinkt and Meighem, near Ghent, between 26–28 May 1940 during the Battle of the Lys.. The atrocity was perpetrated by the Wehrmacht, not the SS. The Vinkt bridge crossing the Schipdonk Canal was being guarded byContinue reading “The Vinkt Massacre”

The Dachau Reprisals

++++contains some graphic images++++++++ After the liberation of Dachau on the 29th of April 1945 a number of SS guards were tortured and executed by US troops,without a trial. Many people refer to this as a war crime and technically it was, but the horrors these troops had witnessed was beyond imagination, The brutality wasContinue reading “The Dachau Reprisals”

Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.

I am always surprised how so many evil men live to an old age. The crimes they committed don’t seem to affect them in the slightest. But yet so many fled after the war, indicating they knew they had done wrong. For innocent people don’t run away. Laszlo Csatary,  While serving as a senior policeContinue reading “Laszlo Csatary- Sometimes it looks like the evil seem to live forever.”

The testimony of Otto Ohlendorf- A tale of Nazi corruption.

Born in Berlin in 1907, Ohlendorf joined the SA in 1925 and the SS in 1926. In 1936 he joined the SD as an economic adviser and from 1939 to 1945 he served as the chief of the Reich Security Main Office’s Amt III, which studied the results of government measures on the German population.Continue reading “The testimony of Otto Ohlendorf- A tale of Nazi corruption.”