Przyszowice massacre

The Przyszowice massacre  was a massacre perpetrated by the Red Army against civilian inhabitants of the Polish village of Przyszowice in Upper Silesia during the period January 26 to January 28, 1945. Sources vary on the number of victims, which range from 54to over 60and possibly as many as 69.Polish Institute of National Remembrance, whichContinue reading “Przyszowice massacre”

Janowska concentration camp and Lvov

Awful atrocities were carried out at the Janowska concentration camp and surrounding Lvov(aka Lwow and Lviv) by the Nazis, Soviet troops and Ukrainian nationalists. To an extend it reminds me of the current situation in Aleppo where the population is being subjected by violence from all sides. In September 1941, the Germans set up aContinue reading “Janowska concentration camp and Lvov”