Martin Sommer-Too evil for Nazi standards.

+++++CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES++++++++ The bizarre thing about the Nazi regime was that they had so many contradictions.They had no issues with committing mass murder and genocide or evil and cruel medical experiments, but they had issues with cruelty which was not conform with their policies. It was okay to murder and torture but it hadContinue reading “Martin Sommer-Too evil for Nazi standards.”

That’s not my Son

When I heard the title of the movie “Changeling” I thought Clint Eastwood deviated from his usual genres of Westerns and gritty dramas, and thought he was going to direct a Sci-fi  movie but I could not have been further from the truth. Although the story sounded so incredible it was true. It is likeContinue reading “That’s not my Son”

Identifying evil

What a tremendous feeling it must have been to accuse and identify  those who committed awful crimes, without the fear of retaliation. Probably it wasn’t even out of revenge but with a feeling of getting justice done. On the other side how panicking it must have been for those criminals when the finger was pointedContinue reading “Identifying evil”

Criminal Songs

++++++ CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE++++++++++++ On this day in 1974 the Bob Marley song “I shot the Sheriff” performed by Eric Clapton reached Number 1 in the Billboard 100. Throughout the decades there have been many songs that were about crime or criminal behaviour, this is just a quick overview of some of these Criminal Songs.Continue reading “Criminal Songs”

World’s most dangerous criminals-Well not really.

  In this blog mug shots of extremely dangerous criminals, well not really. They are actually pictures of celebrities after they were arrested for relatively minor offences. Some I expected but others were a surprise to me like the mug shot above of Larry King arrested in Miami, Florida on charges of grand larceny afterContinue reading “World’s most dangerous criminals-Well not really.”

Sketches of Crime

Sketch artists were and are often used in court cases, especially in those were no media is allowed. Below are some examples of court sketches from some very famous cases. All White Jury Frees Klan Members,By Howard Brodie Civil rights activist Viola Liuzzo was shot and killed on March 25, 1965, as she drove African AmericanContinue reading “Sketches of Crime”

Cold cases of the WWII era

Not all murders committed during 1939 and 1945 were war related. Just because there was a war going on didn’t mean that the ‘regular’ criminals’ stopped their efforts. In fact the war would often give them a cover, so much so that some of these cases were never solved. The Ora Murray case Near dawnContinue reading “Cold cases of the WWII era”

Murdered musicians

The picture above is of John Lennon and Mark Chapman.Lennon (signing a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman several hours before Chapman murdered him.On 8 December 1980, Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman in the archway of the Dakota, his residence in New York City.   Lennon had just returned from Record Plant StudioContinue reading “Murdered musicians”

Harry Dobkin-Blitz Murderer

One can imaging that the Blitz must have been a terrifying time in Great Britain, but it also must have been a time where people ceased the opportunity amidst the chaos to do things they usually wouldn’t dare to do for the fear of being caught. Harry Dobkin was one of these folks. Harry DobkinContinue reading “Harry Dobkin-Blitz Murderer”

Allied Gangster-American WWII deserters

The Army is a reflection of society, it has different layers and characters.It has clergy men, Physicians, Nurses, Police and even teachers. But like the wider society it also has members whose intentions are less honorable. Even those who are considered the good guys and the liberators. Paris 1944, and French citizens are cowering inContinue reading “Allied Gangster-American WWII deserters”