The bombing of Wimbledon-Centre Court

Nothing was sacred and nothing was spared during WWII, not even the hallow grounds of the  All-England  Lawn Tennis Club otherwise known as ;Wimbledon’. Although the club was closed for all matches in the war years. Rather then having Tennis players run over its lawns civil defense and military personnel made use of  the All-England Club. It Continue reading “The bombing of Wimbledon-Centre Court”

Black Monday- April 13 1360

You often hear the term ‘the coldest winter,or hottest summer on record etc’ but the oldest ongoing instrumental record of temperature in the world is the Central England Temperature record, started in 1659. Although I am not disputing the climate change, the fact is there have been climate changes  or freak weather events ever since theContinue reading “Black Monday- April 13 1360”

The King’s great matter

By the mid-1520s, King Henry VIII had grown very unhappy in his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. She had, by then, borne him eight children, with only the Princess Mary (born 1516) surviving infancy. Henry wished for a male heir to stabilize the future succession of the Crown. For state and personal reasons, he soughtContinue reading “The King’s great matter”

The Battle of Bamber Bridge

The Battle of Bamber Bridge was an outbreak of racial violence and mutiny that began in the evening of 24 June 1943 among American servicemen stationed in the British village of Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. Coming just days after the 1943 Detroit race riot. The incident was sparked by the attempted arrest by white Military PoliceContinue reading “The Battle of Bamber Bridge”

Imber friendly fire incident

The Imber friendly fire incident took place on the 13 April 1942 at Imber, England, during the Second World War. One of the Royal Air Force fighter aircraft taking part in a firepower demonstration accidentally opened fire on a crowd of spectators, killing 25 and wounding 71. Pilot error and bad weather were blamed forContinue reading “Imber friendly fire incident”