Chaplain van Lierop-Forgotten Dachau Victim

On April 29, 1945 the US troops liberated Dachau concentration camp. I could post thousands of pictures of teh atrocities which were perpetrated there, but most people would probably only look at one or two pictures and then turn away,because the horror is just too great to endure. The normal human mind can’t fathom theContinue reading “Chaplain van Lierop-Forgotten Dachau Victim”

Crazy Irish Priest

Unfortunately there is no other way to describe Father Neil Horan(not the One Direction dude) then crazy. On several occasions he disrupted major events and costing one athlete a GOLD medal. On 20 July 2003, Horan ran across the track at the Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit, wearing a kilt and waving a religious banner, which statedContinue reading “Crazy Irish Priest”

Maximilian Kolbe: He died, doing good.

Reluctantly I call this remarkable hero a martyr simply because the word ‘martyr’ often has a negative connotation.But in his case he truly was a martyr for he sacrificed his live to save others rather then destroy them. This man was simply a good man who saw evil for what it was and decided to something aboutContinue reading “Maximilian Kolbe: He died, doing good.”