Hitler’s Irish sister in law.

Bridget Dowling born on July 3, 1891 in Dublin. She grew up at Flemings Place, near Mespil Road.  She was still in her teens when she met Adolf Hitler’s half brother Alois Hitler, Jr. at the Dublin Horse Show in the RDS in 1909. Alois had pretended to be a wealthy hotelier who was touringContinue reading “Hitler’s Irish sister in law.”

Richard Hayes AKA Captain Gray-Ireland’s WWII code breaker.

Although Ireland was neutral during WWII it didn’t stay completely out of the war.There were even some famous Irish war heroes like the Beamish brothers from Cork who became RAF flying aces. On the other hand there were less conspicuous heroes, unlikely heroes even like Limerick man Richard Hayes. He was born in Abbeyfeale, Co.Continue reading “Richard Hayes AKA Captain Gray-Ireland’s WWII code breaker.”

Hitler in Dublin, Ireland.

Many people think that Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945. This is not true, he actually died on May 20, 1956 in a traffic accident  aged 74 in Nidwalden, Switzerland. But before I am getting a whole bunch of emails and comments saying how wrong I am ,please allow me to explain. I am talkingContinue reading “Hitler in Dublin, Ireland.”

Cairbre aka Slats- A Real Dubliner

Born on March 20 1919, Cairbre is probably one of the most famous Dubliners to have ever lived, but yet hardly anyone knows him. Maybe it’s because he was renamed to Slats? As so many stars, Cairbre came from humble beginnings. There was no crib or hostel for him when he was born, there mayContinue reading “Cairbre aka Slats- A Real Dubliner”

Willem Jacob van Stockum-Scientist and WWII Hero.

This is one of those men that makes me proud to be Dutch, and like me he has also a connection with Ireland. He was born in Hattem, a small town  in the east of the Netherlands. His father was an officer in the Dutch Navy. Willem studied mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin, where heContinue reading “Willem Jacob van Stockum-Scientist and WWII Hero.”

Happy 122nd Birthday,Count Dracula.

When I was a young boy, Count Dracula scared the crap out of me.Having an older brother pretending the Count didn’t help either. The fear was so real that to this day I still have a phobia for Bats. Little did I know then I would end up living in the country where the legendContinue reading “Happy 122nd Birthday,Count Dracula.”

Kazys Škirpa-Lithuanian Diplomat;Russian Teacher and War Criminal

There are several things that amaze me in the story of this man. Firstly even though I have read a lot about the Holocaust I had never heard of him, his name was pointed out to me by an acquaintance. Secondly he actually lived in Ireland for three years after the war, from 1946 toContinue reading “Kazys Škirpa-Lithuanian Diplomat;Russian Teacher and War Criminal”

The assassination of Walter Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne.

Walter Edward Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne, DSO & Bar, PC (29 March 1880 – 6 November 1944) was an Anglo-Irish politician and businessman. He served as the British minister of state in the Middle East until November 1944, when he was assassinated by the Jewish terrorist group Lehi. The assassination of Lord Moyne sent shockContinue reading “The assassination of Walter Guinness, 1st Baron Moyne.”