Getting married in Nazi Germany

The Nazi regime controlled every aspects of life in Germany, even who you married. In 1935 the Reich Committee for Public Health Service issued the guidelines for getting married. It was published as ‘die zehn Gebote für die Gattenwahl’ the 10 commandments for choosing a spouse. Always remember that you are a German. 2. BeContinue reading “Getting married in Nazi Germany”

May 10,1933- Book burning.

A scary thought crossed my mind this week. What some Social Media outlets are doing nowadays, is basically the digital version of book burning. Regardless how valuable a post might be, or even how inoffensive it is when the moderators don’t like it , it will get banned,or digitally burned so to speak. On MayContinue reading “May 10,1933- Book burning.”

Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.

If someone told you that you could kill an innocent man and there would be no repercussions or any form of punishment, would you do it? Any normal person would answer “no” of course.But not Alfred-Ingemar Berndt, he decided to kill a man simply for the reason that he could. Berndt was a German journalist,Continue reading “Alfred-Ingemar Berndt-Writer,Journalist and cold blooded killer.”

25-Punkte-Programm-25-Point Program

Throughout history warning signs have been ignored over and over again. It is very important to keep history alive but it is even more important to learn from it, alas that is the one thing that is often forgotten. People often think that the warning signs of the Nazi regime were only there since 1933,othersContinue reading “25-Punkte-Programm-25-Point Program”

Excursion to Dachau

One might be forgiven that the title implies a current school trip to Dachau, but the title refers to another kind of trip to the notorious death camp. The Dutch Nazis, the NSB. did not have the same level of hatred against, Jews,Roma and disabled people as their German counterpart. Himmler was aware of thisContinue reading “Excursion to Dachau”

Nazi Propaganda in Europe

The Nazi had a well oiled propaganda machine which was very effective,not only to sell their warped ideology but also when it came to recruiting for the SS and other branches of the army. They also had a very effective propaganda program outside Germany. The picture above is a Dutch SS recruit poster saying “ForContinue reading “Nazi Propaganda in Europe”

1942 Coupe de France Final

It’s May 17 1942, you country is occupied by a hostile foreign nation. Fellow country man are dying on battlefields or being executed for being members of the resistance and other fellow country men are being deported to death camps. What do you do? Well watch a football match of course. Since the champions leagueContinue reading “1942 Coupe de France Final”

Nazis and cinema

Ever since its inception , the media of  film has been a perfect tool to inform the masses be it in an entertaining way or in a more sinister manner. It was and still is the perfect way to distribute propaganda material en mass, although in more recent  years social media has taken over thatContinue reading “Nazis and cinema”

Theresienstadt-The sickening propaganda film.

Theresienstadt was a 1944 Nazi propaganda film depicting  Theresienstadt concentration camp as a sort of idyllic rest stop, in an attempt to convince world opinion that there was no such thing as Nazi death camps.  The film intended to be viewed in “neutral” nations  showing how “humane” conditions were at Theresienstadt. Nor only was it enoughContinue reading “Theresienstadt-The sickening propaganda film.”

The killing wasn’t enough

The Holocaust didn’t start with killing, it started with dehumanizing Jews and other “undesirables”. Convince the population that those deemed by the Nazi regime as inferior, were just that,inferior. Throughout the war they humiliated Jews, just killing wasn’t good enough they had to be mocked and ridiculed also, for they were considered to be subContinue reading “The killing wasn’t enough”