Paying the ultimate price for helping others.

Maastricht is one of my favourite cities. I grew up only about 10 miles away from it and would have visited it numerous times. It is, the most south eastern city in the Netherlands and is well known for its close proximity to Belgium and Germany. It is also the the home of violin virtuosoContinue reading “Paying the ultimate price for helping others.”

Clara de Vries-Jazz Musician murdered in Auschwitz.

It is funny sometimes how you are researching one thing and it leads you to something completely different.I was looking at the origin of a Dutch TV show called ‘Ter land.ter zee en in de lucht” which translates to on the land, in the sea and in the air. It was a light-hearted entertainment showContinue reading “Clara de Vries-Jazz Musician murdered in Auschwitz.”

Heinz Sommerfeld-Transport Ek no. 1458 (28. 09. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)

Around this time of year many 17 year old kids are getting ready for school exams. And although they may think it is unfair that they have to sit for hours and hours, to do their exams(I know I thought it was unfair). They don’t actually realize how lucky they are. Education, even though itContinue reading “Heinz Sommerfeld-Transport Ek no. 1458 (28. 09. 1944, Terezín -> Auschwitz)”

Dr. Leonhard Levy.

I often wonder how many really died during the Holocaust and where they did stop being considered a fatality of the Holocaust? I think the real numbers are much higher because I don’t think the numbers include victims who died after the war as a direct result of the Holocaust. Dr. Leonhard Levy was bornContinue reading “Dr. Leonhard Levy.”

The final destination for the Cohen family from Geleen-Auschwitz

This blog will be based on facts and some presumptions, but the presumptions are more then likely correct. I was going over the history of the deported Jews from my birthplace Geleen, south east of the Netherlands. when I noticed the name of the Cohen family. There is not a lot I know or couldContinue reading “The final destination for the Cohen family from Geleen-Auschwitz”

All that is left is a plaque saying”Lived here”.

In a number of European cities they are remembering victims of the Holocaust by placing plaques in the streets where they used to live, These plaques are sometimes referred to as ‘Stumbling stones’ for the obvious reason that people might just make a small stumble, and that is the purpose to draw the attention toContinue reading “All that is left is a plaque saying”Lived here”.”

The time I nearly booked André Rieu for my Mother’s wedding.

This is a historical blog however not  so much about a big historical event but more a personal historical tale, which I was reminded of today. In 1991 hardly anyone had heard about Andre Rieu, I know I didn’t. My Mother was getting remarried and I had told her that I would pay for theContinue reading “The time I nearly booked André Rieu for my Mother’s wedding.”

The Maastricht Treaty

Signed on  7 February 1992 the Maastricht Treaty represented a significant step forward not only for Europe in general, but also for cohesion policy in particular. The treaty brought the first reform of cohesion policy, more flexibility being created for national governments. It firmly established economic and social cohesion as one of the core objectives of theContinue reading “The Maastricht Treaty”

Marlene Dietrich was here…

This guest book belonged to the parents of sixteen-year-old Carla Hustinx from the city of Maastricht. Their home was a regular place to stay for singers, movie stars, athletes and comedians that came to entertain American soldiers after the south of the Netherlands was liberated in September 1944. A relaxing evening helped the soldiers forgetContinue reading “Marlene Dietrich was here…”

Hoping against all Hope- The stare of desperation.

It is amazing and in a way disturbing but this girl was born literally minutes away from where I was born and yet I was not aware of her existence or had even heard of her until now. 1944 Just a few seconds… that’s how long this girl stared into the camera on 19 MayContinue reading “Hoping against all Hope- The stare of desperation.”