The first WWII casualty on British soil.

The first Luftwaffe bombing on British soil took place on November 13,1939 northeast of the mainland of Scotland. at Sullom, Northmavine, Shetland . Of the 8 bombs which were dropped only 4 were dropped on land, the other 4 landed in sea. Eye witness Laurence Shuardson said the following of the air raid. ” IContinue reading “The first WWII casualty on British soil.”

Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.

Association Football also known as just Football or Soccer is the world’s most favourite sport.No sport united and divides fans like football. Legendary Dutch football coach Rinus Michels famously said that “top football is something like war. And unfortunately like war it has casualties. There have been several well documented Football disasters over the decades,Continue reading “Glasgow Rangers-Ibrox Park Deadly stadium.”

Where some see a ring, I see a tragedy.

Some pieces of jewelry are bought in the spur of the moment. Often an impulsive buy, a pair of earrings for your wife because you think they look nice or a necklace for your girlfriend because although it may not be expensive it is still something nice for her to have. But buying a ringContinue reading “Where some see a ring, I see a tragedy.”

Pan Am Flight 103-Lockerbie

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the Pan Am Flight 103,Lockerbie bombing I am not going in to great detail into the story because so much has already been written about the terror attack. I will highlight some of the passengers stories. A total of 270 people, including young children and students, died in theContinue reading “Pan Am Flight 103-Lockerbie”