Heinrich Bütefisch- virtually unpunished.

Heinrich Bütefisch- is not a well known name in the context of WWII and the Holocaust, yet he was responsible for the deaths of thousands, In addition to that he also worked for a company who had helped to develop Zyklon b, the gas used to kill millions. The company that produced Zyklon B wasContinue reading “Heinrich Bütefisch- virtually unpunished.”

When music and politics collide.

Music is one of my biggest passions, it has helped mte through many tragedies in my life and it still plays a very important part in my life. Something that worries me is when music is used for political reasons or when musicians make political statements. They are of course entitled to have political viewsContinue reading “When music and politics collide.”

Turning 2 blind eyes to the Nazi regime

One of the reasons why the Nazi’s became so powerful as they were, was because a lot of people and companies in Germany and indeed across the world decided to look away or ignore the atrocities because it suited their own agenda and lined their own pockets. The Associated Press At the height of WorldContinue reading “Turning 2 blind eyes to the Nazi regime”

Hate is Mankind’s worst disease

Hate is mankind’s worst disease and it seems to be incurable. I am only limiting this to the 1933-1945 era but I could easily have dozens of pages of pictures of all era’s  going up to today. Nazis singing to encourage a boycott of Jewish shops , 1933 A German woman facing public humiliation becauseContinue reading “Hate is Mankind’s worst disease”

19 August 1934 Referendum, Germany.

On Aug. 19, 1934, the German public voted 90 percent in favor of Chancellor Adolf Hitler becoming Führer und Reichskanzler (“leader and chancellor”), a new title created after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg earlier in the month. In its front-page report of the voting in The New York Times, Frederick T. Birchall wrote:Continue reading “19 August 1934 Referendum, Germany.”

Klaus Barbie-The Butcher of Lyon

The story of Klaus Barbie has always intrigued me. His story tells the unfortunate tale of humanity, it is proof that the lives of ordinary humans and victims really don’t matter. Regardless how evil someone is ,if he has any kind of value to any government, heaven and earth will be moved to keep himContinue reading “Klaus Barbie-The Butcher of Lyon”

Hitler and Wagner

I have to be honest, the title and the 2 pictures above are a bit misleading. Yes this blog is about the relationship between Hitler and Wagner but with Winifred Wagner , the daughter in law of Richard, the wife of Siegfried Wagner,  the son of the composer. It is because of Hitler’s passion andContinue reading “Hitler and Wagner”

William Joyce-AKA Lord Haw Haw

Regardless what you think of the Nazi’s, one thing can’t be denied. They had an extremely effective  and well oiled propaganda machine. Not only German Nazi members and citizens were involved it had also foreign Nazi sympathizers working for them and none so infamous and notorious as William Joyce AKA Lord Haw Haw. William JoyceContinue reading “William Joyce-AKA Lord Haw Haw”

Hitler’s Sponsors.

On Hitler’s 127th birthday I am not going to spend much time on him because I don’t think I will be able to add any historical value. However I will be mentioning a number of companies, some who are still household names, that supported Hitler and the Nazi regime  in any way,shape or form. ButContinue reading “Hitler’s Sponsors.”