The Goering Telegram

On April 22,1945 Hitler had publicly admitted that the war was lost.He also had said that Göring was in a better position to negotiate a peace deal. Previously on June 29,1941 a week into  the start of Operation Barbarossa, Hitler had issued a decree stating that in the event of his death. or if HitlerContinue reading “The Goering Telegram”

When scientists pledged allegiance to Hitler.

If anyone doubts it is not dangerous to link science with politics, they need to have a look at history to see how devastating that can be. At the Albert Hall in Leipzig , on November 11, 1933-this was less then 8 months after Enabling Act was signed in which Hitler was given absolute power,Continue reading “When scientists pledged allegiance to Hitler.”

Hitler’s Nero Decree

Killing millions in concentration camps wasn’t enough for Hitler. On March 19 he issued the “Befehl betreffend Zerstörungsmaßnahmen im Reichsgebiet” (Demolitions on Reich Territory Decree)but subsequently became known as the Nero Decree, named after the Roman emperor Nero who ordered Rome to be burned to the ground. This is basically what Hitler wanted for allContinue reading “Hitler’s Nero Decree”

Time Magazine Person of the Year.

Here are just some examples of people who were awarded the title “person of the year” by Time magazine. As you can see that doesn’t always equate of having a positive impact in the world. Above : Pierre Laval, Man of the Year | Jan. 4, 1932. Had been a FrEnch politician and had heldContinue reading “Time Magazine Person of the Year.”

Profiling the Criminal mind of Hitler.

How do you profile the mind of one of the most evil men whoever roamed the Earth? The Office of Strategic Services(now CIA) tasked psychoanalyst Walter C. Langer and psychologist Henry Murray to come up with an extensive analysis of Hitler’s mind in 1943. The reports used many sources to profile Hitler, including a numberContinue reading “Profiling the Criminal mind of Hitler.”

April 23,1945- Speer and Goering

In the English language there is a saying ” The chickens are coming home to roost” it basically means bad deeds or words return to discomfort their perpetrator. Hitler must have felt very much discomforted by the actions of two of his closest allies. Hermann Göring sent Hitler a telegram wherein he gave Hitler anContinue reading “April 23,1945- Speer and Goering”

The Vegetarian Migrant Dictator

The title of this blog could be from any fictitious novel. A children’s book or even a fairy tale, but it actually describes a bizarre reality which caused so much destruction. The story of Hitler’s naturalization process resembles something of a farce. On April 7 1925 he had given up his Austrian citizenship, it wasContinue reading “The Vegetarian Migrant Dictator”

Eva Braun as Al Jolson

Eva Braun is a bit of enigma. I do think that she was fully aware of what Hitler and his cronies were up to. She did first meet Hitler when she was still a teenager and would have been in awe of the man, but she did become his partner and later his wife, albeitContinue reading “Eva Braun as Al Jolson”

Daffy the Commando-Looney Tunes WW2 Propaganda.

Mel Brooks once said about Hitler “I was never crazy about Hitler. If you stand on a soapbox and trade rhetoric with a dictator, you never win. That’s what they do so well: they seduce people. But if you ridicule them, bring them down with laughter, they can’t win. You show how crazy they are.”Continue reading “Daffy the Commando-Looney Tunes WW2 Propaganda.”

Making fun of Hitler-Mocking the Führer

One of the most effective weapons during WWII, and indeed nearly every war, was propaganda. Where the Nazis mostly used their propaganda to incite fear and hate, the allies and especially the Brits sometimes adopted a different approach. They’d often used humour and satire in order to ridicule the Nazis and their beloved leader Hitler.Continue reading “Making fun of Hitler-Mocking the Führer”