Honouring a fallen Father on Father s day

To most of us,including me Joseph H. Hercker is just a random name. But to Joan Hercker it is the name of her Father. A man who sacrificed his future Father’s days so that others could celebrate theirs. He was born 2 July 1918,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. In February 1945 Joseph Hercker was stationed in France As a member of the Crusader Group, andflew 16 combat sorties between February 6 andApril 3, 1945, in the European Theater of Operations. On April 3, after completing a”medium” bombing mission of marshalling yards at Hameln and Holzmeinden in central Germany,his plane was separated from the rest of the formation in overcast weather. It is not clear what happened, but when the formation broke cover there was no sign of hisContinue reading “Honouring a fallen Father on Father s day”